5 August 2008

TTT featuring A.R. Penck "Aspects of the NY.NY.NY. Situation" (no info) FLAC & MP3-320

After a little interruption, here's the follow up to the Penck series. Double album this time. As usual, info via Rick Lopez's discography :

TTT featuring A.R. Penck: Aspects of the NY.NY.NY. Situation

A 0032 (2LP)

Date ? / Venue ?
    Aspects of the NY.NY.NY. Situation
  1. 1 [:]
  2. 2 [:]
  3. 3 [:]
  4. 4 [:]
  5. 5 [:]
Frank Wright (sax)
Butch Morris (cornet)
Frank Wollny (guitar-1,2,3; bass-4)
Heinz Wollny (bass-1,2,3; guitar-4,5)
A.R. Penck (piano-1,2,3,4; flute-4; drums-5)
Dennis (sic) "King" Charles (drums-1,3; percussion-2,3,5)
Coen Aalberts (drums-2,3; percussion-1,4,5)



nad3170 said...
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glmlr said...

Thanks for taking this off my "to do" list, nad3170!

Volkan Terzioglu said...

nad, thanks. it is great to hear reverend once again.
glmr, have you got any info on this?

jazzme said...

These are posts for Bailey Sabu Brotzmann , the limited edition to 480 cd track 1 - http://www.mediafire.com/?bxmyjmkoztv track 2 - http://www.mediafire.com/?1jdn1uemgh1 track 3 - http://www.mediafire.com/?mmnrxkvsnte

jazzme said...

Thx for these great posts check folly for to see what , for a great very rare Peter Kowald Florida concert from 2000 to be posted very soon . Steve

kinabalu said...

Aaah, the missing one! Wonderful!

glmlr said...

No, Volkan, nothing beyond what nad3170 has given here. The 2LP does not give a recording date or location, and the discographers are no wiser. My best guess would be Germany 1985, but of course that's only a guess.

MisterBeefy said...

Thanks for this. Penck is totally neglected other than by you.

sotise said...

pierre ,thanks for this.. just thought id mention btw that there is no 5th track in the flac files

jazzme thanks for the upgrade on the brotz bailey sabu

Anonymous said...

Where's a track No 5?

Putin_elf said...

Can somebody give a new links (on other TTT alboms too)?

Anonymous said...

Can you re-up them please?

Vanderbrötz said...


kinabalu said...

New link:


kinabalu said...

Reading the thread again, I noticed that some are asking about the missing 5th track. From what I can hear, track 2 is in reality two separate tracks. Track 2 is also about twice as long as the other tracks which hides the fact that there is a pause round about the 14:30 mark.

francisco santos said...


Vanderbrötz said...


correct silence said...

All tracks are cut before the end and the whole weight of the file is very light for a double lp, so it might be incomplete, if someone have the full version with the five complete tracks it would be great, thank in advance.

Nick said...



Flacs only

correct silence said...

Thank you Nick for the new rip, much appreciated, your version has a more clear sound and the end of the tracks are clean. Once again a very special feeling is coming from this music, sounds like nothing else but itself. All these TTT re-ups and new posts makes me change my opinion about this band, thanks